Thursday, July 3, 2008


Looks like Detroit will be dirty good next year. They've managed to poach Ty Conklin on July 1st, and then grabbed Hossa the next day. They aren't exactly losing anyone too important, either, except Hasek. Then again, Hasek lost 2 games to Nashville before he got pulled and Osgood won 10 straight games. Basically, Detroit is going to be EVEN BETTER than last year. I'm repeating it now, after everyone else already has: The Detroit Red Wings will be DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY good next year.

From my friend Joe, a Penguins fan:

Its one thing to say "I'm not winning in Atlanta, I want a chance to win somewhere."
It's another thing to say, "I was only runner up last year. I am going to the team that won and abandon the team that have me a chance."
I hope he blows out his knee and can never play again.
Enjoy that 1 year mercenary contract, Cinderella.
I hope you die.
He will get stabbed in Detroit.

Well, at least there's no hard feelings.