Thursday, April 14, 2011

Round 1: NO HABS NO

Here we go again...

Well it's Bruins vs. Habs and in my time humbly (or not-so-humbly) blogging I think I've covered this once or twice. This will be the 49th time I use the "Habs Suck" tag on a post. I think my favorite was about 2 years ago, honestly. And if it's not your favorite, please be to be checking in with Four Habs Fans, the only good habs blog on the internet. Ask HF10 about his favorite player, Cam Neely. As for good Bruins blogs, there's pretty much one and it's Days of Y'Orr so give the champs some love.

Stats? They don't matter much now. It's the Habs, it's at home, it's whatever. There's little left to say. There are some storylines or whatever.

Time to make some history.
Time to keep the Alouettes as the last team in Montreal with a championship.