Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The KABERLE Era has begun!

Yes, the KABERLE era has begun. Can't say I'm disappointed so far, I'm even...excited. Optimistic, even. KABERLE has the third-highest point total for defensemen since the lockout, behind only the Lidstrom-Rafalski combo. 10th on that list is Chara, though he's only 2 points behind Scott Neidermeyer in the same time period. KABERLE is the puck-moving offensive defenseman we've been waiting for.
Look at his grace in skating, his defensive responsibility, and (of course) his slick passing. Truly, he's an elite player. Now's the time to pick up your PLAYOFFS!!!1 shirt.I mean, seriously, did you see that sweet stick-lift against Iginla last night? KABERLE doin' work.
Through 2 games he hasn't appeared on the scoresheet yet but he's getting used to a new situation. Our powerplay doesn't score much but it already looks better. So does our breakout. It's even more painful to see the Ference-McQuaid pairing get stuck behind the goal line now.

As for Peverley and Kelly, I'm pretty pumped about them too. Peverley can skate like the wind and both of them are winning a couple faceoffs, I believe.

I'm going to call this next picture "The newer new hotness"
I may be getting my hopes up here but I'm starting to get a good feeling about this team. I'm starting to Believe in Boston.


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