Saturday, November 20, 2010

Game 18 Preview: Kings at Bruins BEAT LA BEAT LA BEAT LA

Apparently the NHL schedule makers really enjoy the Boston/LA matchup since we doubled with them last year and are doubling with them again this year. The game in LA is in January and is Czech/Slovak pride night. Cool. Also cool: the Kings are doing "Legends nights" this year where they wear old-school jerseys and celebrate 40 years. One of their legends nights is against the Wild but that's neither here nor there. Here's the old-school jersey:
Yeah, not too shabby. Especially on Drew Doughty

So here's hoping for a good win.
Both teams are playing pretty well so far this season, with LA sitting atop their division and the Bruins having one of the best points percentages in the league. It's all going to come down to whether the Bruins want to extend their 3-game win streak more than LA wants to stop their 3-game losing slide. Should be a good one.