Thursday, November 18, 2010

Game 17 Preview: Bruins V. Panthers NO YOU SHOULDN'T BOO WIDEMAN YOU IDIOT

NESN, 7pm, Home game, 98.5 FM, you know the drill.

Last year's top playoff scorer for the Bruins is going to get booed and it's going to be stupid. Kinda hope he gets a hat trick in a 4-3 Bruins win, honestly.

They played in the preseason, this happened:
Fly, little water bottle. FLY!

Not a lot of time for this (or any) post, but look at that FLA PP%! They also take the fewest penalties in the league. Top scorer is Frolik with 11, and then 2nd-best scorers (10 points) are Dennis Wideman, David Booth, Marty Reasoner, and Brian McCabe. Horton, Lucic, and Recchi are all outscoring the Florida top scorer.