Saturday, December 12, 2009

L10: Games 21-30 (8-1-1) THAT'S MORE LIKE IT, BABY! WOOOOOOO

Ho boy, those Bruins sure do like to yuk it up. I mean, come on. Letting the leafs almost come back from being down 3-0? LAUGH RIOT!

No, really though, I'm not recapping thursday night's great game with the two Mark Recchi goals and such. I'm going to leave it at this face right here, the face of a champion:

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Or at least the face of a man one assist away from a Gordie Howe Hat Trick. Awesome.

Anyhow, here's how the Bruins did over their last ten games:

They're 30 games in and half of the wins of the season have come after game 20. That's pretty ridiculous. I'd say they're back and all but I know Two Line Pass would just ridicule me. My poor blogging heart couldn't take it.

Moving on, let's look at some important stats:

The Bruins' power play percentage. Up from 12.86 ten games ago, the Bruins now have the 21st-best power play rather than worst last time. 1835 was quite the year, as Charles Darwin got to a galapagos, Hans Christian Anderson put out his first book of fairy tales, Andrew Jackson almost got assassinated, and Mark Twain was born.

Tuukk-Nuukkem's save percentage. He's third in the league. Pretty soon I'll have to write another In Defense Of... post about Tim Thomas. Yeah, maybe. Either way, Miller for Team USA starter right now.

The Bruins' penalty kill percentage. Don't look now, but it's the tops in the league. Hell yeah. That's really been helping the Bruins get some wins. They don't allow a whole lot of powerplay goals against.

0-0-0, -3
Phil Kessel's stat line against the Bruins. Spite? No. I just want that first-rounder to turn out well. (Ok, it's spite but that's sports.)

Yeah, so basically the Bruins are getting their game on (and Marc Savard back). Lucic should be returning soon enough. The next ten games have a couple highlights, book-ended by Flyers games and capped off with game 40 on January 1st, the Winter Classic. Should be a good time.

Oh, and before I forget you should watch this video if you haven't already:

and the man in the back/ said everyone attack/ and he passed it up to Byron Bitz/ Byyyyyyron Bitz