Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Game 26 Recap? Fuck you. GAME 27 PREVIEW: SEEN STAMKOS? Nah. Today it's all Savard

Yeah, things have continued to be a little crazy around here so I haven't been writing as much.

Whatever. Look, I think Savard took the AWESOME DEAL he took because look at this (cribbed from Stanley Cup of Chowder, where you should really be rocking the gamethreads):
Year 1: $7 million
Year 2: $7 million
Year 3: $6.5 million
Year 4: $5 million
Year 5: $1.5 million
Year 6: $525,000
Year 7: $525,000

Now do the math: 7+7+6.5+5+1.5+.525+.525=
28.05 million total
Now we take that total number and divide by the length of the contract, namely
7 years
and what do we get?
4.007 cap hit. Yeah. That's about 1 million less than the cap hit we've got for him right now. Except it's not quite 1 million less.

We've added on .007

Marc Savard passes like he was James Bond seducing a woman, or killing a goon, or whatever, is what I'm saying.

"When the contract is over Marc Savard will have turned into Marc Recchi" - Greg Nation, friend of the blog

And if you like the numerology, check out this video here: