Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuukka Rask would also pitch well against the Texas Rangers

The Preseason has begun, and the Bruins have shown that they're ready. Coming into Madison Square Garden, they brought out a few new guys and a few old hats, including Chara and Looch, among others. Young'uns Zach Hamill and Max Sauve put the rubber past Rag goalies Zaba and Valiquette. As mentioned above, Tuukka Rask played a great game stopping 31 of 32 shots for the final score of


Tuukka played the whole game in net, uncommon for a preseason game, and showed up about as well as he did the last time he played wearing a B on his chest. If you recall, back on January 31 of this year, Mr. Rask played net at home against the Rags, pulling off a 35 save shutout 1-0 victory.
Rask's thoughts? "After I got a couple of shots, I felt normal and felt pretty good, It was kind of hot out there, but otherwise I felt good." (Thanks,

Zach Hamill scored the first of Boston's two goals. The 20-year-old 2007 draft pick has played for the Pruins the past two years and clearly wants a chance to move up. He lead the game in shots (6, tied with a scoreless Callahan) and started the scoring in the first period. Sauve scored what would become the game winning goal in the third on a power play. Higgins of the Rangers ended up scoring an unassisted goal later on in the third, but that was all that they could muster.

So how about the competition?

We didn't get to see some of the more, shall we say, talked-about players on the Rangers. Avery sat the game with a limp wrist, and Lord Marion Groindemort sat out with, shockingly, groin pain. Princess Henrik rested for his big game against the Devils tonight and let the backups fight it out for that number two spot.

Noteable players:
Zach Hamill: 6 shots, 1 goal
Max Sauve: 4 shots, 1 goal
Milan Lucic: 1 assist
Blake Wheeler: 1 assist
Johnny Boychuk: 1 assist
Tukka Rask: 31/32 saves

Coming up next: Bruins are playing tonight at Toronto (7pm, NHLNetwork-US). In response to Tuukka's 59:51 played on the ice, Dany Sabourin will be playing tonight's game. Instead of this "split them in one game" bidness, Claude has chosen to give them full-game experience, and a full-game chance to prove why THEY should be on the Big Bears. Good morning Boston, and as always