Friday, September 18, 2009

State of the Bruins was Hokey as usual

The state of the bruins happened last night, and it was very similar to last year. The players on display were Lucic, Bergeron, and Morris, with special guest Krejci showing off the jersey. The winter classic Jersey looked pretty slick, I'd gotta say.

Here's a picture of Shawn Thornton in one. Look at this smug motherfucker:
He's all "damn, I look good in yellow" and I'm all "shit, you're totally right" and right about then is when I ordered mine. It was tough picking between Krejci and Bergeron, but that's life I suppose.

The hokiest part of the whole event was when they were prepping Krejci coming out to show off the jersey and the lights dimmed and they put a video on. Then soap-bubble machines in the rafters started going off like crazy. LIKE CRAZY I SAY. It created the illusion of snow, and I have to say it's the nicest stage effect I've seen in a hockey arena.

I'm so pumped for Saturday night. It'll be home game -1. (Home game 0 is next saturday, home game 1 is Oct 1st...I'm trying to be clever here dammit)


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Eric J. Burton said...

That is a horrible jersey, yuck, I like the thirdy jersey the best, this thing sucks.