Wednesday, April 23, 2008

First Post

Well, I've been writing a lot about hockey, both in emails to family and friends and on replies to other hockey blogs. I've written a few screeds here and there and then always thought to myself "huh, maybe I should start one of those blog things." Anyhow, my team's seasons are all over by this point in the playoffs (Boo Montreal and Colorado) but I love the playoffs and I still need to root for SOMEBODY. So I'm taking a tip* from my friends** at Melt Your Face Off and starting my own little (mostly) hockey blog here. A little bit about me:

I like the Bruins. Therefore, I will happily hate on Montreal. Especially now.
I like the Minnesota Wild.
I wasn't really into the NHL until the lockout (not strike, not work stoppage) but I'm sure this will be a post later. Or at least, I hope so.

I'm giving this a shot, and I hope it works. If not, see you in the comments of other blogs.

*I'm just copying the idea to blog from them and other blogs.
**and by friends, I mean a blog that I read and like to comment on. This blog isn't their fault.