Thursday, April 24, 2008

American Hockey Players face off in Conference Semis

In the Western 2-5 Matchup of the Dallas Stars and San Jose Sharks, we have two of the oldest American-born hockey players squaring off in the playoffs. Or at least, their respective teams are. I think they should play some bumper-walkers, but that's because I like to poke fun at my elders.

From a numbers perspective, here's how they match up:

Mike Modano: In 1320 Games in the NHL, he has 528 goals and 755 Assists for a total of 1283 points. He is the leading goal scorer for American-born players. 854 PIM and a lifetime 137+/- rating.

Jeremy Roenick: In 1321 games in the NHL, he has 509 goals and 694 assists for a total of 1203 points. 1439 PIM and a lifetime 154 +/- rating.

Looks like Modano just edges Roenick in nearly all categories. The interesting thing is that even with over 500 more PIM, Jeremy's +/- is still better. Coach trusts Modano more, though: 20:51 Average TOI for his career, a whole 2:45 better than Roenick's 18:06.

Well, this promises (with the rest of the Second Round) to be an interesting little matchup here. I'm rooting for San Jose, myself, though I do hear American Hockey Fan's complaint about seeing another former Bruins' Captain raising the cup in a different jersey.