Saturday, June 21, 2008

Longest Playing Goalies

I was browsing today, and I thought to myself, what's the longest amount of time anyone's played in goal? As the fine folks at keep track of playing time in minutes, I'd figure I'd just look it up. Unfortunately, they didn't have a page set up with that information already, so I looked at who had played the most time and then add it up myself. I included regular season and playoff minutes, so let's take a look:

NameSeasonPlayoffsTotal time played
Patrick Roy60,23515,20952 days, 9 hours, 24 minutes
Martin Brodeur: 57 20810 52247 days, 50 minutes
Ed Belfour55 6959 94545 days, 14 hours
Terry Sawchuck57 1946 29044 days, 2 hours, 4 minutes
Curtis Joseph53 2138 10642 days, 13 hours, 59 minutes

So there you have it, folks: Patrick Roy is the longest-playing Goalie in the NHL, ever. Also, HR doesn't sort by minutes played.

Also, the draft is happening this weekend...Neither the Bruins or Wild had very good picks (I care a lot about that division title now...vomit.) I didn't watch it last night, and I'll be reading other blog's coverage, but the whole thing doesn't have me refreshing every minute for updates. Besides, Netherlands plays Russia at 2:45!